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We design

everything electric

Since our founding in 2004, Sähkömaailma has been operating in manufacturing and the private sector providing their customers with solutions regarding electrotechnology.

In addition to designing electronics, lighting, and automation, our know-how also includes providing solutions for electronics and automation in environments with explosive atmospheres.

We light

everything up

The principle of our lighting design is to provide our customers with professional, ambitious, and energy-efficient solutions regardless of the location.


We supervise

and automate

Our company has been operating within petrochemistry for several years. In addition, all our designers are Atex-certified.

The most recent representation of our know-how is ‘NESMApp’, a complete mobile interface for automation, repair, and maintenance, which will launch during 2017.

Who we are

Vesa Silvennoinen

Vesa Silvennoinen


  • electricity and automation
Nino Silvennoinen

Nino Silvennoinen

Automation engineer

  • electricity and automation
  • programming
Jaakko Perätalo

Jaakko Perätalo

Senior engineer

  • electrical engineering
Netta Heikkinen

Netta Heikkinen

Lighting designer